Why should your business have an eBilling System? This page will explain all the benefits your business can have by utilizing an Electronic Billing System, or simply eBilling, as you send Invoices to your Customer. Improve Cash Flow and take the chance to use a web based billing software that will allow you to have a trial period free.

Get Paid Faster!

Billing Day
Billing Day in a Hilarious Cartoon
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Why eBillingMadeEasy?
Set up your invoicing system today and billing will be a snap tomorrow.
eBiilingMadeEasy takes the hard work out of billing and payment processing.
You will get prompt payments from your clients.
Clients will be happy about the convenience of making payments.
You will save money and get the best rate when processing credit cards.
You will not have to handle processing credit cards in house.
Client’s information will be held securely in a PCI compliant credit card processing system.
Saves Money
Allow your clients to pay through XCharge at great low rates. You will save money processing credit card payments using XCharge.
You will also save money by not having to chase clients for payments.
Your collection time will decrease.
Cash flow is concern for most businesses and eBillingMadeEasy allows you to get paid faster.
You can set up a link from the invoice or from your website to PAY NOW.
You can also send late payment reminder emails to your clients that have not yet paid.
If some of your clients have a reoccurring bill that is the same each month you can set up their invoice one time and set as reoccurring and you won’t have to input the same info each month.
eBillingMadeEasy.com is just that, EASY.
Are you looking for a way to spend less time in the office?
You will spend less time imputing your client’s bills, printing, and mailing their invoices.
Our system is very user friendly.
This will innovate the way your day to day operations work.
How it works?
1) Log on and Build an account profile
2) Enter you client’s email addresses
3) Enter an amount due and due date
Once your client receives the invoice...
1) Set up personal profile
2) enter payment info for onetime or reoccurring payments
3) Payment is processed immediately and you will receive the payment (unsure of time frame?) immediately in your bank account.
You want your clients to view you as a professional business and eBillingMadeEasy.com will help you get there.
You can customize your invoice with your company colors or logo to brand your business.
Your clients will have the respect for your business that you deserve.
Not only will eBillingMadeEasy make your business look better, it will make your business perform better.
Your new way of doing business will be more efficient, effective and professional.
eBillingMadeEasy is an easy to use, professional billing system to elevate your business to the next level.
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