Get Paid Securely

Billing Day
Billing Day in a Hilarious Cartoon
2 Minute Cartoon

Get Paid Faster by Receiving Credit Card Payments Online. A PCI Compliant Software is the key to keep your customers' data safe.

Once your customer gets their eBill there will be a link to our website to make a payment.
They simply enter their information into our secure database.
Your client will be able to set up an account profile that will secure their information for future payments.
This will save you time and the hassle of collecting and processing payments yourself.
Your client will have the option of how they want to make a payment and possibly set up for future payments.
Your customer of course will have the ability to make payments to you the traditional way, but this will give them the option of making it easier on themselves.
eBillingMadeEasy will allow you to speed up the time it takes for your clients to pay you.
Your clients will be happy with the convenience that you have provided for them.
They will be able to pay their bills more quickly.
The sooner you get your money, the sooner you can use it.
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